Sunday, November 21

Standing at the edge of another week

Photo credit: Melissa L. Gaffney

Do your Sundays feel like this? Standing on the edge of a great expanse (this is the Grand Canyon), wondering whether you're going to plan a descent and carefully navigate downward, or jump and hope to land on your feet.

I love the first day of the week, which is technically Sunday - today. For me, Sunday usually means football and some quality time with the loves of my life, naturally coupled with good food and drink. Rest and relaxation at its finest.

I hope you spend your Sundays enjoying the view, too.

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Barbara R.Thorpe said...

Hi Melissa,

The photo is great and so is the subject of the picture.

This is one place on Earth that everyone should see in their lifetime.
If you have not been there yet...plan to go. The Grand Canyon is one awesome experience !

I suspect on one of your trips out West you may have already done it.