Saturday, November 20

How about mint Oreo brownies, want some of these?

There's a thin layer of drool on my keyboard. I've been a busy bee at the oven today, baking mint Oreo brownies and "plain" fudge brownies (as if anyone needs convincing to eat a freshly baked "plain" brownie).

I found the recipe for Oreo brownies on A Bountiful Kitchen (who took it from the cookbook "Bliss") and added my own twist: mint+dark chocolate chips, rather than dark or milk chocolate chips alone, coupled with white chocolate chips. I also used Double Stuf Oreos. Oh yea, I went there.

At first, I used A Bountiful Kitchen's tips and measured a bit more chips and mini marshmallows than the recipe called for. But I also used a smaller pan for thicker brownies/bars. (They're called brownies but come out more or less like a bar cookie.) So, my measurements wound up being exactly what the recipe calls for, sans about one-half cup of marshmallows. I, too, went without the nuts. I'm nutty enough.

Chopping Oreos is no easy task. Let me also point out that chopped Oreos are much, much different than crushed Oreos. The recipe calls for chopped Oreos for a reason. I recommend using a sharp knife and not eating all the crumbs - use them in the mix, it will fill in some brownie holes. You'll see what I mean.

It smells absolutely delicious up in here.

TIP: Let the Oreo brownies cool off a lot. Mine are delicious and gooey, but needed some time in the fridge before setting into brownie bites.

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