Thursday, October 14

Crazy for cupcakes in Las Vegas

I miss just about everything about Las Vegas. The three-hour time difference in my favor, the casinos, the excitement, entertainment and, of course, the food.

Naturally I found The Cupcakery in the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino within a few hours of landing in Vegas. What a sweet surprise. These were not the best cupcakes I've ever had, but they were tasty and fresh and made me happy. I decided to sample two cupcakes.

The grasshopper cupcake was far superior to the Kir Royale cupcake. Pictured is the Kir Royale, overlooking the view from the Aria Resort & Casino. The grasshopper disappeared too quickly for the camera :)

The Kir Royale cupcake was beautiful—a raspberry cake, which was spongy, donned with sparkly champagne frosting. It's terrible of me, but I'm really attracted to all things sparkly, shiny, glittery and delicious. (It was no surprise I found myself drooling at diamonds and contemplating unrealistic purchases at various shops and boutiques. Curse you, Sin City. I caved in only once, and the purchase was totally worth it.)

And the grasshopper cupcake… Moist dark chocolate cake with mint chips, topped with a mint chocolate buttercream frosting. Need I say more? Indulgent, and definitely a treat to be shared.

I miss Vegas, and I miss cupcakes. But what I miss even more is In-N-Out Burger. Oh how I miss those burgers, shakes and fries. And the secret menu.

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