Tuesday, February 3

b.good in Boston: on a burger mission

A "real.food.fast" mission, actually. For you health-nut skeptics, "eating healthy" really isn't as bad as it's been made to seem — as you can see from my photos.

b.good, which has four locations in Boston, Mass., prides itself on acting like a fast food joint but providing healthy burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries and shakes, all fresh and made to order.

When I went this past weekend, I had a sesame-ginger chicken salad ($7.39), which is topped with mesclun, carrots, jicama, edamame, sesame seeds, sesame sticks and orange-soy dressing. The salads are huge; in fact, I couldn't finish mine.

What I did finish were the sweet potato fries ($2.49): YUM. Seriously, they're out of this world. Grilled, not fried, and seasoned to perfection (little bit of salt, great taste). Side note (haha): salads do not come with fries, or any other side ("real" fries and crisp veggies all sold separately), but can be sold as one of four combos. 

My foodie friend had a veggie burger ($5.99). I don't think I need to say much about the burgers (the picture speaks for itself), all of which are made with house-ground, all-natural beef and come with the fixings (lettuce, tomato, onions, et al). 

The b.good burgers include beef, turkey, veggie and chicken (sandwiches). They can be made as special burgers, too, including Cousin Oliver, West Side, Buffalo, El Guapo, the b.good and Adopted Luke ($5.99 & up), all with different toppings. 

There are also options for bacon, avocado, cheddar, low-fat cheddar or swiss (49¢), as well as a double burger (99¢).

I keep staring at the pictures and wanting more sweet potato fries. What I really loved about the place was the comfortable atmosphere (fun music to boot) and the fact that the restaurant has a nutritional guide, which provides calorie count, fat breakdown, carbohydrate, fiber and protein counts. And I actually trust their nutrition facts. 

Next time, I'm going for the shake. b.good's four locations do deliever — just not to Jersey yet :-)

To learn more, visit their Web site

Check out this cute video: How a b.good burger is made.

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