Tuesday, August 19

Trojan condoms at M'town meeting??

What an exciting meeting it was tonight in Middletown. Seriously, zero pun intended. More like gross.

Jim Fitzgerald, a Middletown resident, has been to the Township Committee meetings before, where he has voiced concerns about Campbell's Junction. The bus stop/transit hub sits basically on/at his property, from what I've gathered.

Mr. Fitzgerald has asked the township several times to consider cleaning up the area, perhaps even moving it to a different location, as he has children who have to deal with the garbage, language and people that transpire there every day.

Last night, he took it to the next level: He came equipped.

Mr. Fitzgerald presented the Township Committee (the township itself, really) with a sample of what he has to deal with on daily basis.

The following video is that presentation.

: This video may offend (as the sight of certain items did during the meeting), as it contains graphic/mature content.

On a side note, Mr. Fitzgerald did wind up taking his garbage away.


Anonymous said...

Great job with the video. Keep it up!

Melissa L. Gaffney said...

Thank you!