Tuesday, July 8

If you could ask the M'town candidates . . .

— New comments, updated 7/8 —

If you - yes, you - could ask the four Middletown candidates any one question, what would it be?

I want to hear what your primary concerns are.

Reminder - The candidates are incumbent Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill and fellow Republican Anthony Fiore, as well as Democrats Pat Walsh and Jim Grenafege.

Please e-mail me @ ms.melissa.gaffney@gmail.com or comment to the post.

Something will be done with the questions, I promise.


James Hogan said...

Being that the FEMA flood map changes WILL take effect regardless of any petitioning, complaining or local resolutions, what do you believe the next step should be that will benefit the taxpayers and homeowners affected by the new flood maps as well as those who have been on the flood map since the 1970s?

Rather than have residents complain, what constructive project, planning, spending, zoning, resolutions, etc will you personally undertake in order to reduce the size of the flood zones, eliminate the flooding hazards altogether or otherwise offset the increased cost of insurance, the likelihood of flooding and the unlikely chances of securing federal funding to pay for flood protection?

James P. Hogan
Long Branch, NJ

Anonymous said...

I would of course ask Ms. Walsh what her rational was for her support of a cellular tower on the grounds of her sons' high school when there is already a tower on the adjacent property.

What was her rational for giving teachers a pay raise during a time of economic emergency.

What happened to the Middletown North Field.

Anonymous said...

What happened to question marks anonymous?

Art Gallagher said...

I would like to know if any of the candidates have seen Melissa Gaffney's baby pictures.

Anonymous said...

I would ask Ms.Brightbill what her positions are on all of the important issues facing the town since currently her positions only seem to reflect no real position at all (she waves her hands around and says nothing )or are a rubber stamp of the positions of the mayor,e.g " that's the way is has to be" or" it's someone else's fault". I don't even want to hear what Fiore has to say until he realizes mudslinging is not the route to election Perhaps he needs to grow a bit before holding an elected rather than republican appointed position He certainly can't claim other experience that really counts.. Jim Grenefege has attended all or most committee meetings and many of his positions are clear.Pat Walsh is currently bound by the protocal of an elected BOE member but she has stated her positions on many other matters quite clearly.A forum or debate would help give the voters a clear picture of the choice before them in November.