Thursday, March 27

Humans share more than half of our DNA with bananas?

Yes, it's true. Putting any perverted jokes aside, humans do indeed share at least 50 percent of their DNA with the banana. confirms the statement and actually cites our shared blueprints to be 60 percent.

While the notion that humans are 98 percent similar in structure to chimpanzees is not foreign, I had no idea we were so close with the banana.

Where does that even come from? I mean seriously, how did the two come to mirror one another?

Doing Google searches and the like, I came across several interesting forums discussing Evolution theories et cetera. People react passionately to this and actually care that our DNA prints are similar to things such as bananas.

Evolutionism has its place for those seeking it. I say that if God made us this similar, it must be a good thing that we're the ones eating them and not vice versa.

PHOTO: Great picture of a banana found on a San Franciscan Blog. Thanks, Christine Mytko and (

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